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About Me

Hello! My name’s Kavita and welcome to my blog! I’m 21, live in Birmingham, England and love reading, adult animated T.V shows, electronic music (the name of this blog actually comes from a misheard Daft Punk lyric) and tennis. My love affair with all things nail-related started at 12 years old, after being told I was too young for makeup I decided I would just get ridiculously good at doing my nails instead. My journey to being ridiculously good at doing my nails is still far from finished but definitely still as fun. I had wanted to start an Instagram for my nails at 15 but never had the chance but over the summer of 2020, once my degree was finished and in lockdown, it finally felt like the right time.

This is me 

I never had any specific goals for my Instagram at the beginning, and even just hitting 250 followers felt like a huge milestone but after unexpectedly hitting 2000 it felt like the perfect time to launch this website for you all interact with. On here you’ll find a selection of more in-depth swatch and reviews, posts about my own nail art and, as I’m an aspiring writer, some on-topic personal essays. Feel free to leave a comment and sign up to my email list to be notified when I post on here. As the name probably gives away; expect nothing but bright, neon nails!

Yes these are my actual, natural nails and I do them myself!