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For Your Nails Only ‘Summer Trio’:

Swatches and Review. 

Hello everyone! Today I am very excited to be sharing my swatches of the brand new ‘Summer Trio’ from For Your Nails Only (FYNO). Based in the U.K., FYNO is an indie, artisanal brand which is 10-free, cruelty free and vegan. I had previously swatched FYNO’s contribution to the most recent UK indie box but this has been my first time swatching an entire collection for them and I am so pleased with the polishes! FYNO’s Summer Trio brings us a luscious variety of colours, formulas and finishes; some of which I probably would not have even reached for otherwise! Let’s jump straight into the swatches!

Please Note: This collection was sent to me for swatches and reviews but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. All swatches are shown topped with Glossy Topcoat, unless stated otherwise. 

‘Sun Kissed’

The first shade from the trio is called ‘Sun Kissed’ and is described as a rosy pink base with blue shimmer and dries to a naturally matte finish. This pink shade is very sweet and pretty and I was quite surprised by how flattering I found this shade to be against my skin tone; it is not typically the shade of pink I would gravitate towards but I definitely enjoyed wearing it. The formula is on the thicker side and if you have shorter nails than mine, you could definitely wear this at two coats but I decided to go up to three to intensify the blue shimmer and also for maximum opacity. It would also be worth noting that this formula will dry down matte quite quickly, so it might be worth being careful about visible brushstrokes if that is something that might bug you, and I found I had to paint in as few brushstrokes as possible to avoid the brush picking up the polish that had already been laid down. Other than this, their polish is really just so pretty! I’m not usually a fan of matte finish nail polish but I did apply glossy topcoat over this but I actually preferred it matte! It definitely brings out the blue shimmer even more and makes the shade all the more unique! My swatches show three coats in the natural matte finish and removal was easy.

‘Tropical Shores’

The next shade in the lineup is ‘Tropical Shores’; a clear base packed with aqua-marine glitter. Before I applied this, I was slightly worried about how the coverage would be on my long nails and whether I would have to sponge this on, but this was not the case. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of coverage I got from just one coat of this and ended up being pleased with two coats painted on, it is worth noting that I do paint in quite thick coats. The colour is absolutely gorgeous! Honestly, I never wear green-teal nail polishes but this colour is so stunning, especially outdoors when the sunlight hits this polish; I wore this shade on all ten of my nails and it felt like the perfect sparkly summer shade. Topcoat for this polish will definitely be up to personal preference; if you like the textured polish finish in similar fashion to the Zoya ‘Pixie Dust’ finish you could wear this with possibly just a thin layer of topcoat to enjoy it, but if you’re like me and prefer that glossy gel/glass-like finish, I found that applying a later of glitter-smoothing topcoat and then a layer of glossy topcoat worked perfectly for me. I also want to note that this polish will be very messy and difficult to remove with acetone and I would highly recommend possibly using a peel-off basecoat with this. 

‘Hit The Beach’

The final shade in the trio is the shade ‘Hit the Beach’ which is a thermal polish which transitions from a light pale pink, when warm, into a deep fascia pink when cold; and is also packed with shifting iridescent flakies too. This shade is undoubtedly my favourite of the trio, For Your Nails Only makes some of my thermal polishes and this is no exception! As I applied it, it was quite sheer on the first coat and I thought it would need three coats for full opacity but I was very happy with how it looked in two coats. The flakies in this polish are on the bigger side but they do apply and lay down on the nail very nicely; however I would make sure to wait until the first applied layer of polish has dried before applying another, otherwise you risk pulling up the layer polish that you applied underneath. The thermal reaction was very noticeable on me, even whilst painting on the polish I could see the different states of the polish and it looked absolutely gorgeous when I went to photograph it. This shade just screams summer to me! I also had no problems with removal of this polish too. 

And those are the polishes! This is a really beautiful trio and I love the variety in textures and finish for the polishes and I think there is something in here for everyone to enjoy! The ‘Summer Vibes’ trio is available to purchase now from For Your Nails Only’s UK and USA websites in both a 5ml and 10ml size. Be sure to check out my instagram for more swatches of each polish and feel free to leave a comment down below letting me know which shade you like the most!

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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