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Prism Polish ‘Open Your Eyes’ Collection: Swatches and Review.

Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to be bringing you all my swatches of the brand new collection releasing from UK-based indie brand Prism Polish! The ‘Open Your Eyes’ collection consists of six polishes in a gorgeous variety of finishes all inspired by and named after the songs and lyrics by the band Alter Bridge, designed to be an incredibly uplifting and inspiring collection. I won’t lie, have never heard of this band or their songs, but I do love this collection and honestly, if I was a maker, I would make polishes inspired by my favourite musicians and songs too! This collection also has a special edition shade releasing alongside it which I will include at the very end of this blog post, but let’s get started on this collection.

Please Note: This collection was sent to me for PR but all thoughts and opinions are my own. All swatches are shown using a latex-based peel off basecoat and topped with the Prism Polish ‘Glaze’ Glossy Topcoat.

‘Words Darker Than Their Wings’ 

First is the shade ‘Words darker than their wings’ which is described as a deep navy blue jelly base filled with Unicorn shimmer pigment which shifts between green, blue and purple alongside purple and blue shifting iridescent flakies. When I first opened my PR package, this shade was the one which my eyes were instantly drawn to. Of course I am blue-biased, I adore really rich blue shades on my nails but this is really special! All the different elements come together in this polish to give it a really beautiful jewel-toned effect on the nails. The flakies in this are on the smaller side but they packed into the polish, this does mean that they do leave the slightest bit of texture on the nail when dry but this is easily smoothed out with one coat of glossy topcoat. The jelly base allows all the elements in the polish to shine through and it was still fully opaque in two coats. This polish would look really beautiful with a matte topcoat too! 

‘Rise Today’

Next we have the shade ‘Rise Today’ which is a jelly-based colour-shifting polish that changes between pink, purple, green, blue and gold! This shade is really stunning. The jelly base gives this polish a magical ethereal essence and I felt as though this polish had a very string glow and really shone on my nails. This shade feels the most like a seasonal polish in this release, it is perfect for Spring and also would make the perfect base for some floral Spring nail art as well. I would be wary of brush strokes on this polish but they are only overtly pronounced when looking at the nails incredibly close-up. The jelly base does make this polish slightly sheer, especially on the first coat, but I reached my desired opacity in three coats, but if the sheerness is a problem for you it can easily be solved using a base coat that is specially designed for blurring any visible nail line underneath the polish.


‘Metalingus’ is described as gun-metal grey ultra linear holographic shade which also shifts between turquoise, green and purple. Honestly, I do not think my photographs did this polish justice, holographic effects can often be incredibly difficult to photograph and even though the holographic is definitely visible in my photos, in real life the holographic is truly blinding! This shade has an excellent formula, it was almost fully opaque on the first coat but I was completely happy with two coats, and had a very smooth consistency. The shifting gun-metal grey base adds a very interesting flair to this polish too; whether in direct or indirect lighting, you are going to have something special shining through in this shade. As the sun is starting to come out more and more as we transition into full Spring, I have definitely been needing some new linear holographic shades and this one is perfect. For my photos I have included a bottle shot featuring the shifting effect and one featuring just the holographic effect.


‘Blackbird’ is described as a black jelly base that is packed with green to blue Unicorn shifting pigment. I was slightly surprised to see this shade in this collection initially as it does not feel the most like a Spring polish but once I had it on my nail, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it on my nails. This shade is really mysterious and bewitching and if you tend to gravitate towards very deep and vampy shades, you will love this. I usually do not favour such polishes but this pleasantly surprised me, I could also see it being used as the base from for reptile-themed nail art. This also had a great formula; the jelly base makes this really glossy and smooth to apply and reached my desired opacity in two coats. This could also be worn in one coat as a topper over a black polish if you wanted as well. Once again my swatches include one shot, with the bottle, featuring the green-blue shift and another featuring the sparkle of the pigment. ‘Blackbird’ will also be April’s charity polish for Prism, wherein £1 from every full size bottle and 50p from every mini bottle will be donated to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, in memory of the maker’s recently passed father-in-law. 

‘Forever Falling’ 

Next we have the shade ‘Forever falling’ which features a slate grey-blue base accented with a red-green-gold shifting shimmer and an assortment of iridescent flakies. This is probably my least favourite polish in the collection, purely because it’s to my personal taste despite it being a pretty polish. The base feels very dusky and smoky and they shifting shimmer adds an exciting fiery glow to this polish too. The formula in this shade is quite nice, it was lightly sheer on the first coat but I was still able to reach my desired opacity in two coats. For me, this is one of those polishes where if you love these kind of polishes, you will love it, but personally not for me. 

‘Brand New Start’

The final shade in this release is called ‘Brand New Start’ and is described as a bright raspberry base filled with sparkling red-to-green shifting Original Unicorn Shifting pigment. This is another one of my top picks from this collection, this shade is such a beautiful colour! The raspberry base is such a flattering colour, and especially pops on warm-toned medium and deep skin and nails. The shimmer really complements the base colour too. This also has a jelly formula and applied quite similar to ‘Blackbird’; very smooth and glossy and can be worn over a crème of a similar base or built up to full opacity on it’s own, I was able to build this to my desired opacity in two coats. 

‘Intergalactic’ Special Edition

Releasing alongside the ‘Open Your Eyes’ collection, Prism Polish is also bringing us a special edition polish which will be available alongside the collection and will be available to purchase for the rest of the year. This special edition is called ‘Intergalactic’ and is a multichrome base which shifts between black, green, purple and turquoise with hints of gold and red at extreme angles too. The name of this polish is absolutely perfect too, this would be the perfect base for some outer space-themed nail art. The polish has a metallic-style formula and can be built up to opacity on it’s own or worn as a topper. Fun fact; I wore this on all ten of my nails when I went to have my Covid 19 Vaccine and the nurse said it was absolutely beautiful! I was able to build it up to my desired opacity in three coats but I did also swatch this in one coat over a black crème base, both of which I have included in my swatch photos. This shade is just so magical and shifts between each of colours very easily and definitely not one to miss out on. My swatches here show a bottle shot with three coats on the polish itself, which is noted in the top right corner and another bottle shot which is one coat of ‘Intergalactic’ over a black crème.

And those are the polishes! The ‘Open Your Eyes’ collection and Special Edition ‘Intergalactic’ from Prism Polish are launching on Thursday the 1st of April at 7pm BST. I really enjoyed swatching these polishes, I think there is something that will appeal to everyone in this collection and perfect for April and the weather as we transition from Spring into Summer. As always, do be sure to head over to my instagram to see more of my swatches and I hope you enjoyed my thoughts! 

Let me know which are your favourites in the comments down below and thank you so much for reading 🙂

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