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Favourite Manicures of November!

Hello everyone! In today’s post I want to highlight some of my personal favourite manicures from November; this will include both swatches and nail art in no particular order. I was surprised with myself in how much nail art I did and how well-received they were. Now, at the end of the month I am feeling a little bit of burn-out but definitely excited to make a start on the Christmas and New Year’s manicures, but before we get there, let’s have a look back on some November highlights!


The first favourite from November is this floral design I did at the start of the month as part of a group nail art collaboration! I, honestly, was initially not the happiest with this manicure but after posting this and getting such a positive response from my followers, it quickly became a favourite of mine. I think the simplicity of the design partnered with how well the silver contrasts with the blue base is what makes it so effective. For this manicure I used ‘Supercooler’ from Live Love Polish as base colour, the silver polish I stamped with is ‘Platinum Gin’ from Moyou London, the stamping plate used is the ‘Radiate Love’ plate from UberChic Beauty and the top coat I used was the Glisten and Glow ‘Fast Drying Topcoat’. 


As many of you probably know, I’m a huge tennis fan, and over the last year it’s become habit for me to paint my nails in tandem with the design on the kit my favourite player, Rafael Nadal. November saw Nadal compete in the ATP Tour Finals in London, despite only making it to the semi-finals this year, the kit he played in was perfect inspiration for some nail art. In particular, I was inspired by the shorts; I love the contrast in colours between the deep green and pastel purple and how they gradient from one colour into the other with dots, which is where this dotticure came from. I wanted to capture the image of bubbles rising to the top and I think I achieved that! For this mani I used ‘Enchanted Forest’ from Live Love Polish as the base green, the dots were created using a mix of pastel crème polishes and a dotting tool I bought on Amazon, years ago. The topcoat I used was the Glisten and Glow ‘Fast Drying Topcoat’. I was so happy with how this manicure turned out and I cannot wait for the Australian Open in January for more inspiration. 


This was almost-definitely my favourite swatch of mine from November, I remember choosing which photos to post on Instagram and I almost couldn’t believe these were my photos that I took on my phone. This is the shade ‘Moonglade’ from the Polished for Days autumn/fall collection. Of course I am biased because I love blue nail polish so much but royal blue is definitely more my style and was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this paler blue. It is the perfect autumnal colour and the flakies have a stunning, fiery gree/gold/red shift and I felt this shade really complimented my skin tone. My swatches show 3 thin coats of ‘Moonglade’ and then topped with the Glisten and Glow ‘Fast Drying Topcoat’. 


‘Feeling something that I can’t explain’

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Little Monster, I love Lady Gaga and when someone on twitter posted a mock-up of what a set of Chromatica-inspired fake nails would look like, I knew I had to try and recreate at least one. I absolutely adored the colour combination on these nails and the different finishes too. This was my first time using nail vinyls to do nail art in years and I was pleasantly surprised with the result. Usually vinyls can sometimes cause problems as they may pull up the polish beneath when you peel them off, if you aren’t careful and don’t apply topcoat, or sometimes polish may bleed underneath the vinyl if it isn’t firmly applied but thankfully I didn’t have any of these issues. In the end, I just really loved these just as much as I love Chromatica. This mani was created using Glisten and Glow ‘Hiking and Hopscotch’ as the pink base, the nail vinyls I bought of Amazon, unsure of the maker and the green is ‘Pea-cocktail’ from Vapid Lacquer x PPU. Topped with Glisten and Glow ‘Fast Drying Topcoat’.


This manicure made me feel way out of my comfort zone and I honestly was not sure how well it would turn out until it was completely finished and thankfully it worked out perfectly! What made this manicure even more special was the fact that it was for my dear friend Lexi. For her birthday I organised a collab under the theme of ‘Frozen’; Lexi’s favourite film. My manicure was inspired by Lexi describing how much the lyrics ‘I am found’ from the song ‘Show Yourself’, I found myself very much relating to everything Lexi said about finally letting go of your emotional burdens and deassimilation. This manicure felt very festive leading into December and it meant the world to me to know Lexi loved this manicure! This nail art was created using ‘Jen’ from Zoya as the base, I created the letters and stuck them onto the nail as decals using my Bundle Monster silicone mat and my white nail striper. The snowflakes are water decals which I bought from Nail Art UK and then top-coated using the Glisten and Glow ‘Fast Drying Topcoat’. 


The final favourite manicure from November which I want to share is these nails I did for Diwali! Diwali is one of my favourite times of the year and I planned this manicure for weeks and could not have been prouder with the result. This was my first manicure wherein I attempted reverse stamping and it was finally successful. I wanted this manicure to represent everything I love about Diwali, especially because this year I could not celebrate the usual way with all my family. These favourite things I associate with Diwali mainly included a beautiful night lit up with glowing candles and fireworks. I created this manicure using FUN Lacquer ‘Starry Night of the Summer’ as the navy blue base, the two stamping plates used were the Kelli Marissa x MoYou London collaboration and MoYou London Halloween 09. The colours I used to stamp were the UberChic Beauty ‘Essential White’ and ‘Pure Black’ stamping polishes, I filled the moon in using Dystopia’s ‘Five Gold Rings’ and the candles were filled in using ‘Lovie Dovie’ from Essie and then topped with the Glisten and Glow ‘Fast Drying Topcoat’. 

That’s it for my November favourites! This was definitely a month of successful nail art and autumnal feels, which is surprising for someone like me who definitely is not a believer in seasonal nail polish. If you made it all the way to the end, I really hope you enjoyed this read and look forward to reviewing some December highlights in a month’s time!

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