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ILNP ‘Tea Party’ Collection: Swatch and Review.

Hello everyone! It’s been a short while but I’m so happy to be back with my first swatch and review of the year. In today’s post I have the very first collection of the year from ILNP; the ‘Tea Party’ collection, to share with you! This is a release described as painting a vintage portrait in six pastel nail polishes all featuring a creamy speckled formula. Pastels are very much out of my comfort zone because I have never liked them on myself but these pleasantly surprised me and I’ve been very excited to share my swatches with you, so let’s get straight in. 

Please Note: This is a PR post as this collection was sent to me for swatches but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. All swatches are shown using a latex-based peel off basecoat and glossy topcoat. 

‘Tea Cup’

The first shade is called ‘Tea Cup’ and is a very pale mint green pastel base accented with gold flecks. This polish very much reminds me of a vintage English tea set and the pastel mint base is a classic spring colour for any year. This was the only shade in the collection that required three coats for my desired opacity, however this did not come as a surprise; pastel shades often have a rather sheer formula relative to other finishes and this sheerness can be magnified on people of colour. That said, this shade is quite soft and pretty and the gold flecks give a slightly more subtle speckled effect in comparison to others in this collection, nonetheless, very charming. 

‘With Sprinkles’

Next is the shade ‘With Sprinkles’ which is one of my most favourite shades in the collection. In all honesty, if I could recommend only one shade to pick up from this release, it would be this polish. This shade features a cool-toned light pink base accented with emerald green flecks. I really adore the contrast between the base and flecks, it’s not a combination I would have thought of but I’m very glad to have in my collection. This shade of pink I found to be incredibly flattering on myself and could also be flattering and stand out beautifully against many other skin tones. This shade was fully opaque in two coats, but I do polish in quite thick coats

‘Pinkies Up’

‘Pinkies Up’ is described as a robins-egg, teal blue base with gold metallic flecks. Despite appearing quite similar to ‘Tea Cup’, ‘Pinkies Up’ leans more blue than mint green and is a slightly darker shade as well. Also I absolutely adore the name of this polish, it reminded of the episode of Spongebob wherein Patrick teaches Spongebob that the way to look as fancy as possible is to hold your pinkie as high as you can! This shade was also opaque in two coats and I did like how this contrasted with my skin tone. This shade would definitely be the perfect base for some Easter nail art.

‘Cake Pop’

We have reached my favourite polish in the entire collection! ‘Cake Pop’ is described as a creamy ivory base speckled with red, green, purple and copper metallic flecks. On my nails this leaned into a cream-coloured base and definitely reminded me of icing and sprinkles on top of an afternoon tea cake. This is my favourite as I love the assortment of multicoloured flakes which stand out gorgeously against the base colour and is the most unique in the collection. I really loved wearing this and honestly did not want to take this one off. 

‘Sweet Tart’

‘Sweet tart’ features a warm toned pink base accented with purple flecks. Once again, this shade might appear quite similar to ‘With Sprinkles’ aside from the flakes, but the pink base in this shade leans much warmer and slightly paler too, which means with purple flakes contrast much more against the base. This was fully opaque on me in two coats and felt the most vintage in my opinion. The colour combination reminded me of a Victorian woman’s dress and it felt like a very regal shade on the nails.


The final shade in the collection is called ‘Clarise’ and is described as a cool-toned baby blue base balanced with vivid rose metallic flecks. This shade was the one I was most excited to apply when I opened my pr package as I loved the combination of base colour and metallic flecks in the bottle and it did not disappoint. The flecks give such a contrast to the base and really lift the polish to another level, without being too loud. The base colour is very flattering on people with a similar warm skin tone to myself, probably as it is the least pastel shade in the collection. It’s very bright without looking neon and perfect for the spring time. Definitely one of my top picks from the set

And those are the polishes! Overall this collection feels very appropriate for the spring. Pastels are a staple for this time of year and even though ILNP bought us a speckled collection last year, they have definitely elevated the speckled finish this time around and if you are someone who loved pastels or speckled polishes, there is definitely something in this collection for you. With Easter, Mother’s Day and many more special occasions to come at this time of year, these polishes would look lovely on those occasions, or make a great gift too! I did not have any issue with the metallic flakes in the polishes, they laid down smoothly on the nail and did not require any specific manipulations to get them out of the bottle. These would be perfect for the base of any Spring nail art and also the perfect polish for anyone looking for statement polishes which also feel elegant and classy on the perfect nails. Please be sure to head to my Instagram for more swatches and for comparisons with similar shades too.

I really hope you enjoyed my swatches and hearing my thoughts! Let me know which are your favourites in the comments down below and thank you so much for reading. 

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