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ILNP ‘Tis the Season’ Collection Swatches.

Hello everyone! Today I’m here to bring you a little bit of late Christmas spirit in January with my swatches for the latest release from ILNP. This is the ‘Tis the Season’ collection and features six beautiful polishes which vary from deep winter shades to perfect transitional spring shades. ILNP is a brand which was new to me in 2020 and I’ve very much enjoyed their polishes but this is my first time swatching a collection from them and I’m very excited to share these with you all. Whether you’re still in the mood for winter colours or ready to move into lighter colours, there’s something in this collection for everyone. 

Note: All polishes are shown in two coats and topped with the Glossy Topcoat.

‘Dear Santa’ 

First is the shade ‘Dear Santa’, which is described as a minimal duo-chrome polish with subtle-shifting red to gold shimmer. This is the perfect, quintessential Christmas red polish, but also is incredibly flattering all year round! I love red nail polish and they are always suit my skin tone incredibly well. The shift in this polish is definitely subtle as described, it was very interesting as I mainly associate ILNP with super-shifty, intense multichrome polishes so to see such a subtle shifting shimmer from them, and made so well, was very refreshing for the new year.

‘Snow Globe’ 

‘Snow Globe’ is described as a pastel baby blue holographic base accented with gold flakes. This shade is undoubtedly my favourite shade in the collection. This light blue shade compliments warm tan and medium skin tones so well, from my experience. The holographic in the base is very fine but definitely visible in direct sunlight and the gold flakes accent the polish is such a delicate and beautiful fashion. This would have been absolutely perfect as the base for pretty snowflakes and Christmas-themed nail art over the holidays but I wore this on all 10 nails for quite a few days and found it was perfect for anyone like me who is looking to start wearing lighter spring shades now. I was expecting this shade to need three coats for full opacity but it only needed two. Of course I do have short nails so if you have very long nails or a very visible nail line, you might need a third. 


‘Prancer’ is described as a fawn-beige base accented by holographic micro-flakies. I will not lie, there is a reason this page is called ‘Neon Dreams’. This girl is definitely not a big fan of nude or beige nail polishes. This is a polish that I never gravitate towards and not usually ones that capture my eyes. Despite the base being a very neutral shade of beige on myself, the holographic sparkle does shine through a lot. This polish reminded me of iced gingerbread biscuits or Christmas cookies! It’s a very adorable shade and even though it’s not for me I can, for sure, see the appeal of such a shade. 

‘Dash of Cocoa’

Next up is the shade ‘Dash of Cocoa’ which is described as a dark chocolate holographic base with a red centre. This shade is probably my second favourite in the collection. I love the warmth of this shade, it’s so perfect for winter; everyone loves a cozy hot chocolate on cold winter nights and this polish captures that warmth and comfort perfectly. I love how the holographic effect gives a slightly electric blue hue to the polish in direct lighting and this could definitely be perfectly utilised in nail art too. 


Next is the shade ‘Holly’ which is described as a deep spruce green base packed with oversized holographic flakes. I really enjoyed wearing this shade! This shade has a jelly-type formula in my opinion and the base deepens with each coat you apply. I polish quite thick so I achieved the deep green base in two coats. This formula from ILNP with these oversized holographic flakes is one of my favourite from them and my photos did not do the holographic effect justice. The sparkle in this shade is so vibrant and the green base gives this polish an emerald-jewel tone and I could see this polish being very beautiful on many skin tones. My photo swatches made the polish look more like black-based than green but be sure to head over to my instagram to see a video showing off more of the green tone.

‘Sleigh Bells’

Finally is the shade ‘Sleigh Bells’ which is described as a shimmering champagne ultra-metallic with holographic micro-flakes and reflective silver pigments. Champagne sparkle polishes are always stunning around Christmas and New Years; they are the perfect party polishes, even though most of us couldn’t attended any for 2020! This shade would also be perfect as the base for some glimmering nail art all year round for any occasion. I also thought this shade would need three coats but it only needed two but again with my short nails that was not particularly surprising. I wouldn’t say this polish was difficult to remove, necessarily, but there is a risk of the metallic flakes flooding the cuticles when removing with acetone.

And that is the collection! I love the mix of deep and light shades and each shade is so very beautiful and full to the brim with sparkles. What do you think of the polshes? Have you picked any up? Let me know in the comments! The ‘Tis the Season’ is available now from ILNP.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my swatches and thank you so much for reading!

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