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Prism Polish ‘In Without A Bang’ Collection: Swatch and Review

Hello everyone! After a short hiatus I’m super happy to be back to regular posting and we’re starting off strong with a new collection from the UK-based Prism Polish and their newest release. I am very excited to be sharing my swatches for the ‘In Without a Bang’ collection. This is a budget-friendly collection to treat yourself too after possibly overspending at Christmas and bring us some beautiful polishes to mark the end of a slightly anti-climatic year. Alongside this collection I have another exciting polish releasing at the same to show you all at the end. 

All swatches are shown in two coats and topped with the Prism Polish ‘Glaze’ glossy topcoat.


First in the collection is the shade ‘Con-fetti’, this is described as a dusky blurple base packed with sparkling gold shimmer and naturally dries to a matte finish. I wore this both in the natural matte state and with glossy topcoat and really enjoyed it in both, however I definitely preferred it in the matte state. The colour really complemented my skin tone, I thought, and the shimmer stands out so nicely in direct light. This has quite a metallic-like formula so I did have to worry about visible brush strokes on the nail but they are fairly unnoticeable in normal lighting. If you do want to wear it matte, it’s recommended to still top with matte topcoat to make it last longer.

‘Pour Decisions’

Next is the shade ‘Pour Decisions’. This is described as an off-white base filled with pink and red shimmer. Obviously I am biased because I adore indie takes on white nail polish but this is definitely one of my favourites of the collection! The base is a stark shade of white and incredibly flattering and the flash of red shimmer when caught in direct light is so eye-catching. When I first tried this on it took three coats for full opacity but for these swatches I only needed two coats. This is another to possibly be careful about brushstrokes but once again, they are barely noticeable.


‘Champain’ is described as a black jelly base filled with champagne sparkles. Honestly I really love the names of these shades and this name alone is brilliant! Despite being a jelly-based polish it has good coverage, I achieved desired opacity in two coats. This is a perfect seasons polish for the new year; the colour is still appropriate for a dark winter in January but the gold shimmer really elevates the polish. Also, I had no issues with brush strokes and no texture from the gold shimmer either and the polish removed with no problem too.


Next is another personal favourite in this collection. ‘Janu-wary’ is a blue-leaning mint pastel accented with pink and lilac shimmer. I do not own a lot of mint and pastel polishes so this one is quite unique to my collection and I really loved wearing it. This polish I photographed in indoor lighting but it definitely doesn’t take away from the beauty of the polish. I wore this polish for quite a few days on both hands and absolutely adored it. I think this is the perfect shade for coming into the spring and the lilac shimmer is so complimentary. 

‘Auld Langxiety

‘Auld Langxiety’ is described as a dusky mauve crime base with blue shimmer. This is a really unique shade, and definitely not something I would usually reach for, personally, but I really enjoyed this shade. If you are someone who loves mauve and nude polish I think you will really enjoy this polish and, even though the shimmer in this one doesn’t stand out as much as some of the others, you will really enjoy this polish.

‘New Year, New Meh

The final shade in the collection is called ‘New Year, New Meh’; a thermal nail polish which transitions from turquoise when warm to a rich purple when cold and is filled with blue shimmer. Unfortunately with my short nails, I couldn’t capture both states on my nails at the same time but I did photograph both separately and the colour transitions really easily; I wore this for a number of days and it’s mostly leaned into a royal blue shade on my skin but the turquoise and purple shades are both very flattering states too. Also the shimmer in this shade is blindingly beautiful! This shade has a slight tendency to clump slightly but shaking the bottle can get rid of those easily and if any do get on your nails they can easily be brushed off.


This final shade I have to show you is an extra special addition to this release. It’s not part of the ‘In Without A Bang’ collection but releasing at the same time. ‘Magma’ is a multichrome nail polish which shifts from black to red, alongside yellow, gold and aubergine at extreme angles. I was very determined to not let my short nails stop me from capturing the beautiful shifts in this polish and I think I was successful. This elusive red to black multichrome pigment captured everyone’s attention recently and if you’re in the UK and looking to get your hands on one, this is the perfect polish!

Those are all swatches I have to show! The ‘In Without A Bang’ collection is now available on the Prism Polish website along with the shade ‘Magma’, which can be found in the ‘Special Editions’ section. I hope you all enjoyed my swatches and thank you so much reading! 

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