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Why Swatch Diversity Matters:

If you’re previously aware with my Instagram page, you will most likely be familiar with a story highlight entitled ‘Diversity’ on which I have saved my numerous posts about how racial issues have affected indie nail polish and swatches. The height of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement over the summer of 2020 can definitely be pin-pointed as the start […]

My Top 5 Favourite Nail Polish Finishes:

Hello everyone! I love cosmetics and I’ve always dabbled in makeup and other aspects of beauty but what has always bought me back to nail polish, and especially indie nail polish, is the various different formulas and finishes to experiment and play around with. I had wanted to write a post about some different polish finishes but then decided to […]

Favourite Manicures of November!

Hello everyone! In today’s post I want to highlight some of my personal favourite manicures from November; this will include both swatches and nail art in no particular order. I was surprised with myself in how much nail art I did and how well-received they were. Now, at the end of the month I am feeling a little bit of […]